Genre: Comedy | Romance  (89 minutes)

When Katie (Kat Foster), an out of work actress, unexpectedly lands a starring role in the sexually explicit mini-series adaptation of a best selling, erotic novel, her boyfriend, Paul (Scott Rodgers), can barely muster a congratulations. Not only is Katie heading overseas, where the series will film for six straight months, but also, she’ll be shooting racy scenes with the famously volatile, Oscar winning playboy, Bryan J. Macy (Pablo Schreiber). On Katie’s last day in town, tensions between her and Paul mount to an unforgettable climax, during which a punch is thrown, a gun is drawn, an innocent is wounded, hearts are broken, and lives are changed forever.  

Director: Scott Rodgers
Cast: Kat Foster, (“Weeds”), Scott Rodgers, Pablo Schreiber, (“Orange Is The New Black”), Sean Astin (Lord Of The Rings).