Nancy, Please

Paul Brawley a young, gifted, and aimless Yale University student just moved in with his girlfriend Jen and is struggling to complete his dissertation before embarking on a career in academia. There’s just one snag: as Paul is unpacking his belongings, he discovers that he has left something behind, and only his sinister former roommate, Nancy can give it back to him.  Paul contacts Nancy, but she will not cooperate and proceeds to thwart Paul’s clumsy and increasingly frantic efforts to retrieve his property. What should be the simplest of errands becomes intolerably difficult. His annoyance turns to rage and then to obsession. As Paul becomes increasingly consumed with Nancy, he begins to unravel, and his life becomes much, much worse before it gets better. 

Status: Complete.
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Director: Andrew Semans
Cast: Will Rogers (The Bay), Rebecca Lawrence (The Kids Are Alright), Eléonore Hendricks